Uniqueness of Nisaa Retreats

Unwind, Breath & Relax

With Nisaa Retreat you are contracting for self-centred week full of opportunities to unwind, breath and relax. Rejuvenation is attained by carefully designed programs from basic to advanced sports activities, as well as an array of organic treatments. The elements of every day on the retreat, will guarantee you the chance to completely let go, calm down and allow yourself to be nurtured and at times pampered. The offer of aqua fit session (swimming fitness class), trekking, horse and camel riding, daily swimming pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, garden and nature landscape, jogging and Pilates are spread across the itinerary in order for you to come out of your comfort zone and change your daily routine into a more self-centred one. You will trade the feeling of guilt for first-hand experience and deep understanding of the importance of self-care. The gift and trust – Amanah of your health has been placed into your hands with the trust you will preserve your wellbeing in best ways possible. With this Islamic principle, allow Nisaa Retreats to initiate the tranquillity, peace and bliss of your healing soul, body and mind.

Wisdom of Nourishment

We are what we eat and we eat what we know. Experience how we can become spiritually lighter if we follow the ancient practice of minimalism – Zuhud. Traditional cuisines of Islamic world use only few ingredients in order to provide necessary nourishment for our body. Wholesome and organic food choices are the priority on Nisaa Retreats menus, and you can expect only balanced cuisine choices. For best results of spiritual awakening you will be encouraged to stay away from bad carbs and protein choices and signed exposed to abundance of vegetarian and wholefood meals. Meals focus on cleansing dishes that are primarily free from gluten, dairy, refined sugars and anything remotely artificial or genetically modified. In the best interest of your vitality you might be offered detoxifying herbs and alternations to your diet during your naturopathic one to one session.

Hormonal Balance

Balance is the key to all things in female health. The happiness hormones of dopamine, endorphins and serotonin represents the key focus during your stay. Oriental and historic tours around the world with Nisaa Retreats will push your boundaries and expose you to unknows seances, surprising encounters with unknown cultures and thought-provoking tourist experiences. Exciting activities such as swimming, skiing, horse and camel riding, trekking, fitness sessions, and other sport options are designed to get your heart rate up and counteract the adrenaline floating in your system. After each day of excitement, relaxing treatments and fun you will be encouraged to wind down and foster the secretions of sleep hormone – Melatonin with use of essential oils and flower remedies from your naturopathic practitioner. Sleep is an integral part of recovery from your daily hustle and bustle, therefore the quiet night time policy will be aiding you calming bed time routine.

Islamic Identity Buster

The richness of Islamic world and history is just waiting to be explored and experienced. Cultural exploration activities will allow you to be introduced to new cuisine, shopping, people and traditions. From small countryside seaside villages in Moroccan Tagazout, to the breath-taking forties of Spanish Granada, to royal courtyards of Istanbul, to traditional Jumahs in Sarajevo, we allow you to experience global faces of our diverse Ummah. Standing face to face with vastness and imperiality of your Islamic history enable you to grow in self esteem and pride of being a Muslim again. Meeting new people and places, trying new cuisines and dealing with unexpected situation on markets, participating in religious ceremonies will bring about resilience you might never new you have. Other than experiencing intoxicating excitement, you will enable your self for fostering strength and courage, which can only come handy in any type of tests in this life – Dunya.

Holistic Healing for Transformation

The pivotal aim of the Nisaa Retreats packages is to enable your holistic healing by putting you back in contact with your religious heritage, spiritual awareness, somatic balance and cognitive harmony. The main goal is not simply to offer you indulgent and memorable vacation but rather delve deeper in to your Nafs – spiritual and psychological potentials. Quranic teaching reinforce the self responsibility for our life in numerous Ayats, and remind us that we first have to transform our selves before we can see world changing for us. Let us support your spiritual conversion in better version of you with selection of holistic therapeutic sessions and unlimited access to spa facilities such as sauna, steam room and swimming pool. A unique range of professional therapies are available to help you heal and transform in body, mind and spirit with therapies including holistic workshops, Islamic psychotherapy, hijama, massage, homeopathy, herbology, nutritional counselling, hammam and more. Believe that you can let go the pain, heal past traumas, learn self-care routines and convert in strong, inspirational and wise Muslimah ready to step into the meaningful life you have been always dreaming of.

Amazing Value, Exceptional Service.

Nisaa Retreats has spent hours of dedicated organizing and mindful planning as holistic care starts long before each guest steps foot through our getaway’s doors. You can expect unlimited contact with the organizer; with dedicated time for the individualization of your package, access to a pre retreat groups on social media and support with bookings and even packing.
With detailed assessments, preference forms and exceptional customer support, you will be able to tailor and customize your retreat right down to your favourite colours, food preferences, activity level and of course, your unique retreat goals and needs. All you need to do is arrive to your destination and enjoy. You’ll be greeted by our smiling hosts, served welcome tea and some gourmet delights, shown around your home away, and then whisked into a group bounding workshop and an official welcoming evening. With Nisaa Retreats you will start your week of bliss with goody bag and 1:1 meaningful therapy straight away. Nothing is done by chance so stay reassured that from the moment you arrive, your every need will be taken care of, that’s a promise from us.

Nisaa Retreats’ Motto

Nissa Retreats take spuriously the importance of good treatment of women in our Ummah. Expect your needs, values and roles to be honoured during your stay and experience the meaning of numerous ahadith about the ranks and positions of the female folks. Your royal treatment should not be limited only to weekly holidays, that’s why you will receive inspirational tips to reset your lifestyle after your return. Nisaa Retreats share sunnah mindset that every woman deserves kindness, time, attention and consideration of her individual needs.

llow yourself to be nourished from the inside out, and be pampered from the outside in, with packages designed exclusively for Muslimah who deserves to reclaim their depleted energies and be inspired for the sake of her soul’s Sakina – tranquillity.  Explore the true meaning behind the slogan the power of potential and the potency of the collective. At Nisaa Retreat you will experience calming Me Time but also inspirational memories and life lessons from the interactions with likeminded female folks during excursion and therapeutic encounters.

Your holistic healing is dependable on individual self-prioritising and also collective and empowering experience of bringing women together, which creates a sense of belonging and safety in sisterhood.
The psychological and spiritual rules of your own extendibility teach that you can only give away what you already have. Feel unique and guilt free in pressing a pause, replenish your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual with Nisaa Retreats. It’s not selfish, but rather wise when you invest in your own wellbeing and give back to yourself, as this is the ultimate way which will enable you to live up to your full potential, fulfil your dreams and aspirations, roles, and give back to significant others. At Nisaa Retreats we facilitate the environment for female potential for growth and self-realisation with carefully designed opportunities to laugh, pray, contemplate, rejuvenate, nourish and finally blossom into the most radiant version of herself

Nisaa Retreat’s Core Pillars of Wellbeing






One defining factor that sets Nisaa Retreats apart from other wellness retreats is that the getaway experience isn’t only an indulgent break in a luxurious accommodation, it is also a deeply transformative, awakening and life-changing process.

At Nisaa Retreats you can expect observe how all psychological, spiritual and physical aspects of your wellbeing are challenged and reawakened. The chance for self contemplation -Taffakur had been practiced on a dailybasis in the sunnah traditions of self growth. With this in mind, you can expect from your weekly stay more than just a life pause. Prepare your self for a re-evaluationof your life style and experience the meeting your true self in the light of Islamic healing teachings.

At Nisaa Retreats you will awaken resilience with adventurous excursions and sport activities, your Muslim Identity will strengthen thanks to historic and cultural explorations. Your body mind connection will experience a re-set effect due to relaxing unlimited spa facilities and therapeutic workshops. The one to one sessions enable you to release suppressed memories and heal deeply hidden wounds. Company of enlightened sisters, Islamic reminders, sounds and colors of nature, dietary foods – all combined will lift your spirt up and take you on another level. Meet the real you and gift your self a chance for your new begins.