• Healing Infinity to the bottom of your soul and beyond
  • A week of spa & female only , ecology-castle based , alternative medicine & experiential therapy Sisters Soul Treat

  • Let us arrange for an inner space for you … so you can still your spirit and free your self from unnecessary luggage.

  • Allow for a clean organic vegetarian food to create more lightness in your heart & body

  • Revisit sunnah and tibb practices of fasting and self care so you can draw closer to the source – Sustainer.

  • Become content with your Qadr & realise how your life experiences serve your true potentials for growth.

Feel the magic of the North-West African coasts with our 7-day Healing Infinity Retreat, which starts and ends in the sea resort hub of Agadir. Travel to the unforgettable African attractions in Agadir Marina and Plaza, Tagazout beach and Paradise Valley, learn more about Moroccan culture and delve into the new adventures such as fishing on a luxury boat, go-carting or riding a camel/ horse in unusual locations. On this memorable exploration of one of the most diverse country of Islamic World you will have the opportunity to unwind in an award winning 5* Ecologic hotel: inclusive of spa facilities and catering (breakfast and 3 course evening meals).


Day 1 – Agadir, Morocco

Free transfer to the Villa after 3pm will be arranged in accordance with your location. At your arrival accept the warm welcome from ourselves and friendly female hotel staff. Get cosy in your room, taste Moroccan tea and gourmet sweets, get to know one another and prepare yourself for the first 3 course evening meal together as well as our 1st induction and holisitc workshop with your host – Ayishah.

Day 2 – Tagazout

We will wake up early for a Pilates class and relaxing breath , then get ready for another organic Amazigh style breakfast. We will begin our trip with the popular surf and fishing village of Tagazout. On this excursion you will view tranquil and deserted beaches, have the opportunity to taste freshly caught fish whilst witnessing the stunning view stunning view, or wade into the crystal blue sea alongside Morocco’s surfing champions. After this treat we will come back to the hotel to indulge in organic foods, holistic therapies and spa facilities.

Day 3 – Souk & Jummah & Horse/Camel riding

A bright and early start to embark on the whole day trip to the souk El Ahad : a market place where you will be invited to the Moroccan haggling culture and the organic, healing produce presentation. Nearing noon, the local Mosque will introduce us to the Jummah prayer customs. Finally, we will be taken into a private range, where we will choose the animal of our preference and embark on a Horse and Camel riding experience along the Sous River Valley

Day 4 – Boat Trip and Agadir Marina

We will experience yet another exciting excursion to the landmark of Agadir with a boat extravaganza. Not only will we have an opportunity to fish and swim in the Mediterranean Sea, but also enjoy the delicious Moroccan food lovingly put together by the chef. Upon our way back to the hotel we will head on for a session of Aqua – Fit in our slat water healing pool, 1:1 therapies, spa and holistic workshops.

Day 5 – Quad Biking & Hammam therapy.

Today’s jogging will energise us well before our nourishing traditional breakfast, much needed for our exciting sport today. We will experience a desert Quad Biking extravaganza followed by a visit in a traditional Bedouin house for a healthy treat of Moroccan tea, Amlou and Amazigh singing. Upon our return, we will pamper ourselves with the 1:1 therapies, sauna, swimming, and a hammam experience provided by a female traditional practitioner.

Day 6 – Immouzer and Paradise Valley

Let’s get ready for our hiking excursion with a traditional breakfast before our exciting, rustic adventure. The Paradise Valley will beckon you to release your inner photographer. In the Immouzer Village you will see Local wooden handicrafts carved by hand, souvenirs, tribal jewellery and also sample an exclusive variety of raw honey. Our final Moroccan dinner will be served for our lovely ladies and we will a hold special graduation ceremony after last session of Healer Package workshop.

Day 7 – Farewells

On our last day we will stretch a little bit more during Pilates session, eat our last organic, Moroccan breakfast together and prepare ourselves for our onward journey home. Some of you will still have access to 1:1 therapies, hotel spa and sport facilities whiles waiting for your shuttle. It is goodbye for now but not your last and remember – the retreat might be over but your adventure doesn’t have to be. We hope you will join us for the next retreat coming soon!


Throughout your holiday you will have the chance to experience a diverse range of activities as Nisaa Retreats’ All Inclusive package includes horse and camel riding alongside the Sous River Valley, Quad Bike experience the sands of Agadir’s Natural Reserves, Mediterranean sunrise boat trip with fishing gear, daily Pilates, Jogging & Aqua Fit classes, as well as hiking opportunities. You will have all-inclusive access to a sauna and a private infinity swimming pool, surrounded by an organic garden which will acquaint you with the retreat package of your dreams. The all-inclusive package covers all costs of the Villa, transport to attractions, excursions, therapies, breakfast and dinner, Pilates, workshops and a hammam ritual including exfoliation.


With Nissa Retreats’ All Inclusive Wellness Package you can expect the highest quality mind, body and emotional pampering designed especially for your individual needs. The ‘holistic Healer’ Package workshop, one to one session of Islamic Counselling, Full Body Massage, Hijama, Natural Medicine session, Salt Room treatment and Hammam experience brought to you by professional female therapists, will without a doubt complete your female revival and self-care rebirth. Your stay can be customised to your individual likings, so don’t forget to book additional therapies to make your stay just perfect.


The Islamic and Emotional Care Course contains empirical and academic material pertaining to emotional health. This unique, 10-hour long gift is run during your stay with us and is dedicated to all holistic knowledge seekers. You will revisit energo- magnetic connections to emotional wellbeing, dietary tips for a happier life, befriend herb and flower essences, as well as travel deep into your female intuition. The Emotional and Spiritual Care Essentials section, provided by Ayishah, is inspired by Islamic Psychology and Emotional Freedom Counselling techniques. The course is designed in order to facilitate you with a higher awareness of the personal connection with emotions thorough combination of prayers, self-centeredness, oxygenation, nutrition, herbal and flower remedies.


The Atlas Kasbah Ecolodge Morocco is the first accommodation in North Africa to have been granted the prestigious, World Renowned Tourism Awards as a recognition of its proactive ecotourism practices. At the property, guests will have free access to WiFi as well as to a patios, garden, large lounge, tea and conference rooms with the feature of a widescreen television receiving free international channels. Hotel is surrounded by a large organic fruit and vegetable garden overlooking the Atlas Mountain panorama. The high-standard comfy rooms are equipped with ecologic, handmade furnishing, healing stones and aromatherapy scents, natural cotton beddings, unsuited bathroom with toiletry, hair dryers and daily changed towels.


Cleanse & detox with Nisaa Retreats. Go organic – and stay vegetarian for a week with us.  Breakfasts, Lunch, afternoon drinks and Dinners are included every day. The offers freshly and traditionally prepared breakfasts, which consist of fruits, Amlou (Argan oil, honey, almonds), olives, bread, pancakes, tea or coffee to drink. The 3-course dinner and lunch menu will vary on a daily basis, there will be a choice of freshly made juices, soup or salad for starters, vegetarian tagines, couscous, fresh selection of fruit for desserts and mineral water to drink.



  • Accommodation
  • Transport from start to finish
  • Full Board
  • Excursions : Agadir, Tagazout, Immouzer, Paradise Valley, Souk al Ahad, Mosque Lubnan, Sous River Reservoir
  • Sports: Horse & Camel Riding, Aqua Fit, Jogging Trekking, Pilates, Swimming, Boat trip & fishing, Quad Biking
  • Bonus1: Holistic Care Workshop
  • Bonus2 : 1 hours Islamic Counselling 1:1
  • Possibility of buying individual therapies


  • Accommodation
  • Transport from start to finish
  • Full
  • Sports: Aqua – Fit, Swimming, Pilates, Jogging
  • Full Body Massage
  • Wet & Dry Hijama
  • Natural Medicine
  • Salt Room Treatment
  • Hammam Therapy
  • Bonus 1: Holistic Care Workshop
  • Bonus2: 1 hours Islamic Counselling 1:1
  • Bonus2 : 1 hours Islamic Counselling 1:1
  • Possibility of buying individual therapies
  • Possibility of buying individual trips


A week experiencing Agadir will satisfy and impress you and enable you to feel the Islamic ground beneath your feet again! Let us take your breath away with one of the wonders of the world in Morocco. The Explorer Package includes All Inclusive attractions with breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation, transport, organised trips, unlimited use of resort facilities such as swimming pool and garden, daily sport activities (Pilates, jogging, Aqua – Fit, trekking, swimming), as well as individual session of Islamic Counselling and 2 hours long Emotional Freedom Workshop.


While you are indulging in the tranquillity of the hotel, you might as well embark on self-discovery journey with us. You will have uninterrupted access to holistic sessions, whereby your self-care plan will be explored from the Islamic psycho-therapeutic tradition on 1:1 counselling and Hijama sessions. The full body massage and hammam will evoke in your inner celestial being during your stay with Nisaa Retreats. You will also receive a fully comprehensive package of a naturopathic session with individualised attention to your dietary plan, medical history and development of emotional and spiritual life transitions. Finally, do not forget the unlimited access to the hotel facilities and daily spa extravaganza with Pilates, jogging, Aqua-Fit, trekking and swimming.


The joy of residing in enclosed hotel in the company of like-minded sister is only one of the attractions with Nisaa Retreats. Seek the knowledge in what matters the most – in your wellbeing and give yourself the gift of the lifelong study qualification. We will guide you through thought provoking health paradigms and enable shifting your current knowledge. You will revisit traditional tales on health, befriend herbal and flower essences, as well as travel deep into your female intuition. You will also get in-tune with your emotional and intuitive side. Become inspired by Islamic Counselling and Psychology, unfold the secrets of the Nafs, and expose the intrinsic connections of spiritual psychology, with emotional and cognitive habits. After the sport sessions of Pilates, trekking, swimming, jogging and Aqua-Fit your muscles will sink into aromatherapy and skilled hands of experienced masseuse. The indulgence does not stop there, as we will invite you to 1:1 hammam and slat room experiences!


To Find out The Itinerary About This Package for 2020, please download Here.