Feel the magic of the North Africa with our 7 day Imperial Cities Tour which starts and ends in the spiritual and cultural heart of Morocco – in Fez. Experience the unforgettable attractions in multicultural Morocco and delve into the new adventures. On this memorable exploration of one of the most diverse countries in Africa, you will have the opportunity to relax in luxurious 4* riads inclusive of private garden, spa facilities and full board organic and traditional catering. Your wellbeing will be supported with Islamic history guides, shorth health talks and Islamic reminders as well as 1:1 therapeutic sessions.


Day 1 – Fez, Morocco

Transfer to your hotel, with the help of prearranged airport shuffle. Accept the warm welcome from the team at the Villa representatives, then get cosy in your room and prepare for a day excursion int the wonders of spiritual Fez. We will explore the new city, which holds the Royal Palace and the 7 big doors, close to them, the Jewish quarter. Afterwards, we will enter to the old city through the main door of Bab Jeloud, and take a long walk along the streets. We’ll also see the 14th-century Al-Attarine Madrasa, a school for the study of the Koran that’s renowned for its elegant courtyard and intricate mosaics. The Royal Palace is only waiting to marvelled at and is still used by the King of Morocco when he is in the city of Fez. We will enjoy free time in the evening with freshly served dinner and comfortable accommodation arrangements.

Day 2 – Chefchaouen

Prepare to have your heart stolen as you walk through small winding lanes lined with white-washed buildings and painted in every imaginable shade of blue. This small town is nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Rif mountains and hidden waterfalls. Chefchaouen was a small fortress was built to help defend the area from potential attacks by Portuguese invaders. We will make our own impressions and historical judgments upon visiting old Kasbah, it’s Andalusian garden and Ethnographic Museum. The blue, insanely picturesque medina is where visitors will spend most of their time. We will go back to our riad in the late evening for traditional Moroccan dinner and freshly made beds and embark on therapeutic self discovery and self pampering  adventure.

Day 3 – Tangier

We will get to know Tangier with a personal guide and head into the walled ‘medina’ (old quarter) to explore its alleyways and ‘kasbah’ (fortress), and visit a souk and bakery to sample traditional local breads. Gaining full insight into the city’s heritage can only be possible on a tour of the new town, whiles marvelling at sights on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, including the Punic-Roman necropolis, Cape Spartel, and famous Caves of Hercules. We will stop first at the walled medina to tour its labyrinthine alleyways, pass the peeling Moorish- and Andalusian-style houses as you learn how the medina formed old Tangier’s heart, head for the new town to view the palm-lined Avenue Mohammed VI, Royal Palace, Severo Ochoa school, and colonial-era buildings. We might make our duas in the direction of the ancient graves, carved into a plateau facing the Straits of Gibraltar, and visit Cape Spartel, the lighthouse-topped promontory that seemingly stands guard over where the Atlantic and Mediterranean meet. In the late evening we will be enjoying Tangier from the comfort of riad and embark on individualised holistic 1:1 sessions.

Day 4 – Meknes – Volubilis

Sightseeing tour of Meknes, a city located in the heart of the Middle Atlas will take us back to 16 c where Morocco was under the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismail. We will take a close look at city’s fortified design and its fascinating amalgam of the Spanish and Moorish influences of the time. Late afternoon we will explore the Berber and Roman remains at Volubilis and contemplate upon the previous civilisations. We will be staying over in Rabat tonight , indulging in delicious Moroccan dinner prepared just for our arrival, spa and 1:1 therapies. Evening will be filled with sisterhood bonding but also personal growth.

Day 5 – Rabat

Rabat, capital of the country and official residence of King Mohamed VI. Visit of the exterior of the Royal Palace and the Hassan Tower: a Minaret and symbol of the city after being destroyed by the Lisbon earthquake in 1755. Here we will discover the elegant sweeping boulevards and palm-lined avenues built by the French. A guided walking tour through the narrow streets and dazzlingly blue houses of the 12th-century walled medina reveals another side of this splendid city of kings. We will take a stroll along the beautiful Rue des Consuls, the main shopping street of the medina, or perhaps enjoy a refreshing glass of mint tea as you gaze out over the Atlantic Ocean. We will head on for a sleep over in Casablanca, where the riad will open up to us royal hospitality and opportunities for a continuum of personal therapies.

Day 6 – Casablanca

This is a panoramic tour day where you explore the boulevard Anfa, the Plaza de la Naciones, the residential areas, and the exterior of the great Mosque Hassan II, second in importance and size (only exceeded by the Mecca Mosque). Our exploring curriculum includes also a free time on the famous Corniche de Ain Diab, where you can have lunch. We will be dazzeled by the integration of architectural influences from Berber, Arab abut also Portuguese, Spanish and French cultures. We will arrive at Fez riad tonight, and indulge our seances in the freshly prepared Farwell dinner and last personal growth sessions.

Day 7 – Fez

On our last day we will gather together to eat our last organic Moroccan breakfast together, journey back to Fez, our last encounters with spiritual and cultural hub of Morocco. It is goodbye for now but not farewell and remember – the retreat might be over, but your adventure doesn’t have to be. We hope you will join us for the next retreat coming soon!


Throughout your holiday you will have chance to experience a diverse range of activities as Nisaa Retreats’ All-Inclusive package includes: transport, full board meals, free use of the riads facilities (such as swimming and saunas, private guides), holistic therapies, Islamic reminders, Islamic History awareness program, conscious and healthy living workshop. If that is not enough to make you excited, we hold a real exploring treat for you in Tangier, Chefchaoue, Meknes, Rabat, Casablanca and Fez. We are confident that this exposure to North African, Arab, Berber cultures and also the Roman, Portuguese, Spanish and French architecture will leave you with life long memories but also mark a new attitude to your Islamic heritage and enable you to experience diversity of madhabs coexisting in a peaceful and cohesive Umma-way.


The Nisaa retreats Wellness Package will include the free use of the riads facilities, such as swimming pools and saunas as well as 1:1 of Islamic Counselling and Naturopathic sessions. The ultimate holistic therapy package will provide for you answers to your issues with digestion, low energy levels, hormonal issues, emotional blockages as well as chronic diseases. This consultation will scan your medical health and re-evaluate your dietary and nutritional habits. You might surprise yourself with the how small changes in your lifestyle can have an impact on your physical and mental health. Islamic counselling will facilitate your growth on spiritual and emotional levels. You will be supported in defining your style of achieving Sakina (peace and acceptance). You will discover within yourself a platform to embrace life lessons from the spiritual perspective and recognise divine wisdom in mastering your Qadr.


The Islamic History Lecture will enable you to come to your own conclusions throughout the brief historic tour of the areas of Umayyads, Idris dynasty up until the descendant of the Alaouite dynasty’s rulers; current King Muhammed VI. Learn about Moroccan scholars’ capacity for tolerance with a triumvirate of national Islamic traditions: the Maliki school of Islamic jurisprudence (maddhab), the Ash‘ari creed (‘aqīda) and the influence of various forms of Sufism.

Conscious and Healthy Living Workshop will be spread across our busy days. You will be able to unfold secrets of the Nafs and reveal the intrinsic connections of spiritual psychology by examining your own emotional and cognitive habits. The recent knowledge about emotional nutrition’s will be compared to Unnani Medicine and introduce to you the energetic powers of dietary choices. If this sounds compelling already, rest assured that this is just a beginning. The course is designed in order to facilitate for you a higher awareness of the personal connection with emotions through a combination of prayer, self-centeredness, oxygenation, nutrition, herbal and flower remedies.


Throughout your tour you will be staying in different accommodations at 4-5 stars, with access to en-suite bathroom, towels in double-bed rooms. During your stay you will receive traditional Berber breakfasts and Moroccan dinners, on the house. There will be opportunities for you to use facilities such as swimming pools and saunas at a few locations as well.


Breakfasts and dinners are included every day, as well as a welcoming lunch on the first day of our Ladies Only Retreat. A typical breakfast may consist of cereals with milk or yoghurt, bread, croissants, cold meats, cheese and a range of spreads, with fruit juice, tea or coffee to drink. You may choose to cook for yourselves or eat in the local restaurant at your place of accommodation. Our chef offers freshly and traditionally prepared breakfasts, which consist of fruits, Amlou (Argan oil, honey, almonds), olives, bread, pancakes, tea or coffee to drink. The lunch and  3-course dinner menu will vary on a daily basis, there will be a choice of soup or salad for starters, vegetarian tagines, couscous, fresh selection of fruit for desserts and mineral water to drink



  • Accommodation : Fez, Rabat, Casablanca, Chefchaouen, Tangier
  • Transport from start to finish
  • Full Board
  • Private guides
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Excursions: Fez, Rabat, Casablanca, Meknes, Volubilis , Chefchaouen, Tangier
  • Islamic History Lecture
  • Islamic Reminders
  • 1 hours Islamic Counselling 1:1
  • 1 hour Naturopathic treatment 1:1
  • Workshop series: Conscious & Healthy Living


To Find out The Itinerary About This Package for 2020, please download Here.