Women get lost in translations, it is easy for them to multitask, impossible to stop caring for others and far to often overlooking own interest at heart becomes a second nature to them. What might had worked in the past for female folk is no longer reality in 21 century. Anthropologically speaking as humans we are built to live a tribal life. It meant for female that she received the constant support from the ‘village’ to bring up her children but also influence her , support her, nourish her and guide her.

Majority of us living in the cities today, where not only we have to cope with fast-paced life but also suffer with a chronic lack of support and time. It seems as we are on an autopilot, tangled in multitude of roles , tasks and responsibilities for the sake of a greater good: family. Religion is backing us up with sanctified verses such as : “If a woman prays her five [daily prayers], fasts her month [Ramadan], guards her chastity and obeys her husband, she will be told to enter paradise from whichever gate she wishes.”(Ibn Hibban)

Yes, we do what we suppose to do with minimum appreciation from immediate family and lets be honest – society and Ummah. We experience a burn out almost quarterly, as our biological clock is programmed by school brakes. And then, only then can we collapse (and produce flus, colds, migraines, etc.) as its socially accepted. However, through the rest of the year we suppress emotions with chocolates, period pains with aspirin, religious voids with self-blame, loneliness with Neflix. Never would we dear to ask a question: who will lessen the burden of housework for us? Who will cook a dinner tonight? who will organise free child care?

We are definitely not recognised for who we are but rather for a role we play. Sadly, for some of us it is the only self-concept we possess. We forget that there are many dimensions to our existence. Women are not only ‘human doings’ but also a ‘human beings’. “As for those who lead a righteous life, male or female. While believing, they enter paradise; without the slightest injustice”. (Quran 4:124). Islam grants equality in spiritual and self developmental practices, where both genders are required to take responsibility for their state of Adab, Qalb and Nafs.

Muslim women feel the void inside of them, and try to fill their vessel during Ramadan. But guess what – they do not have a chance for the isolation as the current community does not support female’s Itikaf. ‘The prophet used to spend the last 10 days of Ramadan in the mosque until the demise, after that his wives followed him and they did the same’ (Bukharis & Muslim).

Yet there are new ways of seeking isolation, peace of mind and reconnection during a halal female getaways. Retreats are not only a reward for a hard work, but rather a means to reach the goal: inner sanity, peace, understanding, sakina. Retreats serve as the getaway from routine, getaway from duties, getaway from mechanical life into self-respect in the environment of caring and supporting women. Women just like you. Recent studies proven that women’s mental health can improve due to one factor only – regular girl chat. The female folk requires a safe space of sisterhood, which will inspire, reassure, love and support them unconditionally. Women talk, women listen, women have a laughter together, women heal together.